Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This is a preview panel from my upcoming comic, Quarters Crisis, debuting this Friday in the Yale Herald.

Now, some info:

Name: Reuxben
Stats: Yale, Literature, JE '10, California.
Updates: Friday, Monday, Wednesday
Inspiration: Rock, Eiichiro Oda, Toshihiro Ono, angst.

Namesake: An old high school academic team coach typo'd my name, then thought it funny to freshly misspell me every tournament. This was my favorite version. It also provides an excuse to misspell my name. The X is silent.

Goals: Entertaining you, contributing to Yale's having the best comics in the world, training to draw for a living, preserving my sanity.

Good comic: Darling Find
Art-intensive intro: Retrospective2008
Cheery comment: IvyGate

Me Online: TCBN, deviantART.
Me in Print: Quarters Crisis (Herald), Zero Like Me (YDN), Sick Little Suicide (YDN), Record, Penny Dreadful, etc.

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