Monday, July 6, 2009


I'm no longer living the superhero adventures at Yale, being a miserable little human in California until summer's end, but as far as Clark Kent compensation goes, I did just get Photoshop, which is pretty all right.

It's an older version than I'm used to working with, but I pulled up an old drawing to get some practice in. Anyway I met this guy back in Japan last summer, and he's swell. And his website, "SongTwit" is much improved, very handy.

I had a feeling this drawing's debut post would be popular because it had a bunch of Yalies in it, and if there's one thing I've learned at Yale, it's that Yalies are super-hams. Haha! Seriously, I get a bunch of (presumably) self-searches in my little traffic-tracker dealie. But it was also one of my most popular posts ever because it featured a cult--er, "improv group"--and improv'ers love passing self-congratulatory links around. To be fair, it's fun drawing people and then seeing them and their pals visit. I'm happy to entertain.

Since it's the summer wasteland, I'll tell you how to find yourself on this site: I rarely mention names in the bodies of posts, but I tag noteworthy personalities in the labels section. So if you want to find yourself, just click a label and replace the URL ending with what name I know you by. Or just search yourself in the search box up top. You ham...


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