Monday, August 24, 2009


This is the pencils of a Penny piece that never was, but it's appropriate cuz I can't wait: I'm flying back to Yale in < 24 hours!

Also The Matches were insane Saturday night! They absolutely destroyed with this song, and it was altogether an incredible show! Shawn Harris even made tons of time to talk to anyone who came up to him after the show, too. His hair was literally dripping globs of sweat, but he chatted away like nothing.

I shook his hand and he had a surprising light grip. I told him I named my series after his song--which happened to be their finale, too--and I think he said he thought that was cool. Anyway, I just checked, and I come in second in a Google-image of "Sick Little Suicide," so that's pretty neat.

Anyway I'm trying to be optimistic about their "hiatus" being temporary, especially since I totally blew my chance to see them at Toad's sophomore year, but in any case, Yale, Yale, Yale!

I'm turnin' the doorknob,


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