Wednesday, November 25, 2009


One of my absolute favorite parts about comics/illustration is you get to research and draw all kinds of cool fashions and there's no wardrobe budget, just pick what you want and go.

So although I am limited by tiny panel sizes, weak inking skills, and restricted research time, I do enjoy fantasizing about all the cool threads my characters can wear. And this is actually one of the biggest reasons why it's more fun drawing female characters than males: they get to dress up and stylize in all kinds of ways, but males just don't have any real flexibility beyond a jacket, you know?

I try to give each character their own fashion vibe, but Zero's the only one that doesn't have any real flavor. I delve into a sort of Japanese style with some Sartorialist thrown in, but when a deadline's looming, I have to resort to a T-shirt and jeans, which I guess is US style. But then again, as Mos Def raves of Japanese aesthetics over US sensibilities, "Why are they so much better at this [spit] than us? We're not even like second or third..."

Anyway, for today, I wanted try a slight redesign on Zero and thought I might as well dress him up like a British Mod, but I couldn't bring myself to splash a Union Jack all over his helmet, though. So now all he needs is a scooter and off he goes.


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