Friday, February 26, 2010


If you see Will Smith around, please do thank him.

Zero Like Me #85:
Wiiru Smissu
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" and dice silhouette in panel 1.

Fun Facts: Will Smith is pretty cool for reasons I hope you will be able to see soon enough!! I started then shelved this comic a while ago but thought it was relevant to run today because first: I'm absolutely exhausted this week after running the Master's Tea goings-on, so it was helpful to work on a comic that I'd already started drawing. But it was also pretty relevant because of how Will Smith has intervened into recent events! Take notes, Yale Herald: There do exist helpful, monied people.

Baa: I am really having difficulty with the Herald right now; it's becoming an environment I am ideologically opposed to, you know? After a lifetime of never having real financial security, I really can't stand when people trivialize money. I feel like the Herald is playing games with money, large sums of money, and I find this absolutely detestable.

Anyway, I'll be comicsing at Calhoun tonight throughout the dinner shift, and I'll be at Silliman Saturday. So...yeah.

And huge thanks (and congratulations!) to Kazu Kibuishi for flying out from California for the Tea. In four years of Master's Teas, this was the greatest I've ever experienced, no contest. And the Yale Bookstore just got in its shipment of Amulet 1, and there are still a few 2's left, so you'll want to pick those up so you can feel snooty and elitist when the movie comes out!


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