Monday, May 31, 2010


This is the "book" version of this illustration for the Penny Dreadful. I think I wanna recolor this further...

Hey, did I ever tell you the weirdest fan interaction I ever had? This girl came up to me and went, "Hey, you're Reuxben! You do the Doggie Mojo in the Penny Dreadful! I love that!" I wanted to go like, "Yeah, I also do some comics on the side every now and then..." Haha. But anyway, it was pretty cool to be known as the "Penny Dreadful" guy for someone rather than the "YDN" guy, especially since that was my first time doing pure prose comedy writing (not comic or TV scripts, but prose), and yet it seemed to have gone over pretty well--so much so that a random girl felt compelled to come up to me and tell me that's how she knows me. Also, I feel like most of my college fans were female...what's up with that?

Speaking of which, I miss Yale. It hasn't really sunk in that it's all over, but it's getting there. I'm already in a quasi-nocturnal cycle...Yale was great for helping me structure my day. Now it's all me, and I don't have a scanner, a desk, or proper workspace, and it's blazing hot in sunny long until my art reserves give out? How long until I have to resort to this for new art content? How long until I start showering daily?

Animorphs #3, let's dance,


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