Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I made a self-introduction poster for school, and while it was under construction my Z and Nyao cutout decorated my desk. Now they frame the comics section of my poster, and while I was posting it, I overheard some girls passing by who were sounding out Zero's name, which was written on the poster. Super neat!

Also, I forgot to post the rough sketch for the recent Buu piece. I roughed it out on these half sheets of paper (they were the only paper in grabbing distance from my seat). I drew too big so I needed a second sheet, which already had a rejected sketch on it. Combined, the winning sketch looks like this and of course the finished thing looks like this.

The scribbled notes were for a fleeting idea I had about who would be the stand up comedy equivalents of DBZ? Frieza would be Dane Cook (super powerful but ultimately an overrated chump and a nuisance to real fighters). Pryor and Carlin are Bardock and Brolly cuz they are basically the uncontested forefathers of modern US stand up. Joe Rogan is Goku cuz he's a fighter. Majin Buu is Ralphie King Kai is Jeffrey Ross because he's a jokester, but he can also kick butt (Jeff Ross is a blackbelt!) Vegeta is Greg Giraldo an under-appreciated anti-hero. Gregory is Bill Burr, cuz he's not quite a huge mainstream name but he's a heck of a heckler. Bubbles is played by Joe DeRosa cuz he's Bill Burr's right hand chimp and is lower on the totem pole. Gohan and Trunks are the Sklar Brothers because they are inseparable.

This was just a little thought experiment to see how far I could go with it before class. No offense intended to the artists mentioned...except kinda Dane Cook, but I mean it's kinda accurate. Plus he apparently steals material, so it's hard to feel bad for him. Speaking of which, Carlos Mencia is Captain Ginyu. Natch.

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