Monday, February 13, 2012


Here are some more homework sketches.

A kid drew a sumo-ish hamster-looking guy, so I drew in a rabbit opponent. Next a kid wrote in that he wants to be a chef when he grows up, so a Sanji he gets. Natch.

Then a girl wrote about her favorite voice actor, the voice of the dude from Kiki.

After that is art inspired by a fascinating piece by a kid who adores Japanese culture's insistence that people wear masks when they're sick (or preemptively to prevent getting sick). This dude thinks they work and wishes he could wear masks "forever." For the record, my good ol' US-borne maxim "cover your mouth when lung-hacking, but don't cough or sneeze into your hands, and do wash your hands constantly" seems to have helped me escape the bug sweeping the nation aka my co-workers, mask-wearers, some of which are now in their second rounds of illness. Advantage Amurrca.

Anyhoo, one kid wrote about his or her love for badminton, so in that goes. And another kid wrote about her favorite manga, one I've been thinking about picking up, Magi. Her favorite character is Jyafuaru, but since I only had my iPoop with me, I didn't really want to expend the effort to figure out what he looks like for the sketch. So Aladdin it is.

Next we've got a pikachu for a kid who's favorite manga is Pokemon (probably too indie for you lay people). And finally a fan of the incredible Radwimps wrote in with some RAD chat, so he gets a sketch of lead singer Noda Yojiro and my first ever extended-effort note in Japanese! So excited I can even endeavor at such a thing! His note listed his favorite song "Cell Phone," and asked if I liked a particular song, and in truth it's actually not one of my favorites, but it leads right into a combo of their two best songs, the last two on their latest album (lead single here).

And that's a tangent if ever I saw one. No duh.


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