Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Here's another batch of homework sketches. First, one kid asked me to "write" Supongi Bob. In Japanese, the word for "write" is the same as the word for "draw," hence the discrepancy. And it makes sense--it clicked when I saw a teacher writing on the board one day. From the side, it looked like she was drawing because to write in Japanese is almost like drawing since they have a pictographic written language! Neat.

Next, we had a kid who liked money, so she drew a money zombie, which I tried to riff on. We've also got a torii for someone and a character I invented called Jack. It was a riff on a doodle the kid drew for a King character. Clever right? Right.

And finally a creepy Totoro riff on a cute little Totoro doodle from a kid. She is probably the strongest English student in her class, so she aced the assignment and had time to study her little stuffed Totoro keychain for her drawing.



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