Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Almost out of the thick of the post-Tokyo time crunch.  But for now here's some homework sketches. Starting at the Panda and moving clockwise, here's what we have:

I turned a panda into a keychain after a writing prompt about a keychain.

Tulips fan gets two lips.  A kid writes about hitting the road with his friends, a shonen visual I'm a sucker for.  Next a fascinating description of a Japanese nightmare.  After that's a lionish stuffed animal in a crane game for a lion-fan.

A scooch to the left is a pooch with a besty, the jKid didn't know Woodstock's name so I transcribed it for her.  Under that is an extremely interesting piece that I hope was original but was probably copied off of something--anyway, it inspired me to drop in a rare Nemo

Following that is a sketch of a kid I can only imagine exists somewhere.  Beginning the upward swing is a pic for a jKid who cooks like an iron chef or not, I don't know.  Then a crash-course in homophones for a kid, and then we close with a pic for a kid who like a teacher's clothes. 

Ok, back to work,


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