Friday, March 29, 2013


Here's the second half of our second March ALT poster, first half here.

I finished this right around closing time, hence the nightshot photo. Consequently, I can't remember what doodads I had here.

This was kinda inspired by last year's finale poster, in that I wanted to capture a slice of possible reality. More on that here.

I can't remember why, but I decided not to track the process as closely on this one, so not too many process shots, unfortunately.

For example, here's the process of the dude character. His hair ended up a bit too Final Fantasy...

The girl character ended up looking a little too ice-queen.

I wanted here to look sort of like Terra in that final episode of Teen Titans, aloof and oblivious to the guy, but she's just too distant.

The uniform swirl into mist was ok. Wish I had a deeper black-substitute. I try not to use pure black, so I have to make due with C-7 and maybe mix in a super dark blue or purple, but need something better...

Here's how our two characters meet.  To help these two pop, I had the background reduced to basically cutouts, silhouettes.  I liked the effect, but wish I could faded them out a bit more. I was right up on the deadline on this one, so I just had to tear in with pure black markers and pens, but if I could do it over, I'd try a light gray wash or something, with a light blue to push the background itself further back.

This  is what I call the "staff photo," and I love that feeling of finishing a piece and looking back at all my team who helped me to the finish line.  The paper I use to test colors is now packed with colors from future posters, and it itself looks kinda like an abstract piece.


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