Thursday, April 6, 2017


Today is the 10th anniversary of Removal, which means I've been posting art online for ten years! To mark the occasion, I thought I'd recreate, with minimal tweaks, the very first art I ever posted online, though I did swap in a bluer tone since it felt more fitting for Yale.

My first post was a drawing of my very first series's characters, Ben and Marty, while they were watching the season premiere of 24. I still have the original drawing and (97kb?!) digital file stored somewhere...regardless, my goal was simply to recreate the piece with my present, all-digital process, but not to trick it out with colors and stuff. Looking at the (3MB) update, I feel I haven't progressed enough in 10 years, though I do recognize I've gotten better in some areas.

Marty was inspired by my suitemate, Ryan, who loved Back to the Future, and these two were to star in my very first series, called Four Best Years, which was based on the wacky hijinks of my suite.

The series never got past the planning stages, though, because I soon lost my suitemates to room draw and then spiraled into an abysmal, seemingly unending vortex of self-hatred'n'stuff, but hey, all's well that etc.

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