Wednesday, June 21, 2017


This is like our Spritely Going piece, in that we started with a landscape, but felt compelled to put a supernatural figure in there, too.

I wanted to draw a glacier, but in the end, it felt a little too unexciting, so I thought some kind of spirit-like figure that could have any range of good-evil morality would be cool. Might have been subtly inspired by when Aang goes into the Avatar State at the Northern Water Tribe, I'll bet--I recently spotted my copies of Rufftoon's old Water Tribe volumes, so that could have been why water spirits were on my mind.

For added punch, I wanted a decoy figure to contrast focus, so I added a moose-ish guy. I believe this (and the icy theme overall) was driven by my coming across a band called Pup literally day-of or prior to this drawing--not to mention, my disdain for summer and love of cold/winter weather probably played a key inspirational role here, too.

Yes! In fact, I remember--they kept coming up on the Youtube recommended list while listening to other music, and "pup" is one of my favorite words, so I finally decided to give this video game-styled video a try--was thrilled--and explored a few more of their videos.

Notably their song, "Dark Days," was incredible. They were so great I actually watched those and their kid adventure videos, too (usually I just listen and don't actually watch music videos!). Anyway, they are apparently Canadian, hence moose.

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