Wednesday, July 19, 2017


I did some sketches one night with the Tokyo Werewolf, and thought I'd fully color one.

Even the inks are digital here, and I just used the sketch as a rough idea, which I recall was inspired by Chopper from One Piece.

Eager to see what a full-digital version might look like, I added a little laser show featuring reds, blues and of course a prominent green.

The reds, whites, and blues are of course for the flags of the US and Japan, but also Yale. The RAF logo, cool itself and associated with the rocker movement in the UK, was great because it actually has a Rising Sun on the shirt, circled by a blue ring, meaning we have Japan and Yale as a common bond.

The disks he scratches also have Green and blue for Yale reasons (they even say Yale's original color was green, though I also heard this got debunked...). Anyway, there are a bunch more sketches we could develop, maybe next-level it with a smoke machine, too.

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