Monday, July 3, 2017


I try to draw something USA-y around the Fourth of July with my ZLM idiots, so here's this year's, starring Z and Nyao.

I did this one at a time, left to right, so I probably went overboard with Nyao's paints since I was figuring out the flow with Z, but really in the swing of things with her.

The root idea was to use my new Helen Chen brushes to make something fully colored, but again, I suspect I went too painterly with it.

I was trying to get that restrained, minimal coloring style she used for her DC characters, but I just kept wanting to define colors a little too much. They say that knowing when and how to pull back is what makes pros great, so I'm still in that details-out-the-wazoo stage.

Anyway, I was planning to use a black, vaguely Yale-architecture cut out over the background, but it just didn't feel open enough, so we ultimately went with the full fireworks display for the final.

I feel torn about using some copy and paste action on the fireworks, but I resolved not to dwell on this piece too much.

A real behind-the-scenes secret is that I used the same core model for both Z and Nyao, and just drew their differing bodies and expressions over it. Drawing is quite a bit like dressing mannequins with details for their fashions.

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