Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today's art is based on a property near and dear to my heart, but more on all that later, as this is a work in progress while I finish up a commission I dare say has been my most challenging piece yet. Yale related, to boot. Least I'm gettin' paid, son. Oh wait...

So I never wanted to leave Yale, but my subconscious keeps jabbing me with memories (real or imagined) of the good old days. And then today, I finally got the dreaded bump from "student" to "alumni" classification here. Which reminds me, I likewise have to tweak this site, too...

I guess on the bright side, I'm now listed right next to my old boss and they updated the student section to include one of my old colleagues. Now if they could just do something about out-dated sites clogging up the directory, or at least have some sort of search enabled.



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