Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Here're the final four monster cards from the set I made for the jKids. Thanks again to Endling for the processing tips (yay no inks!) and Magic for the layout inspiration.

The kids all seemed to really enjoy my game, beyond just the cards. The only problems that arose were that my mega prizes for those who had both a Victory monster and a Victory mark got nixed, and the max non-mega prize payout was capped to two candies instead of three (I planned one for each of participation, Victory mark, and Victory creature).

I hope the jKids don't think I tried to short them! But then again, two is better than zero, particularly when jAdults act as if you're trying to give kids puffs of stuff rather than candy any kid would eat on their own time, anyway.

Speaking of limited participation, I only ran this game with my main school, but I did have a few extra sitting around and gave some to a couple of jKids at my secondary site who came by to talk Duel Masters, and they were thrilled just to get these random little cards of which they had no idea about--unfortunately the second crew didn't get to play the game. Maybe next year? Hopefully next year.

Here are some close ups on our guys. I drew this set after completing the first because I thought it would be cool to have some variety--originally I was going to do a boy and girl version of each monster, but then thought it'd just work best if that were only for vampires and just made two versions period.

Really cool to see their reactions to the super-rare ghost! They even did his little ghost peace sign to each other haha! The female vampire, by the way, is inspired by the Innistradian ones from Magic, just so you know. But I think my favorite of all is this set's zombie or werewolf. See if you can spot an Easter Egg in one of these guys.

Speaking of covert drawing, I drew these mostly during the downtime of judging this English tournamenty thing.

Pro tip: don't take the tournament stuff too seriously, English judges; no need to be jerks to the jKids.



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