Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Here are some more Homework Sketches.

The wolf is from a band I recently got into a little, Man With a Mission. Nice guitars but the lead vocalist kinda misses with me.  Great English for a jRock band, though.

Next is a man of iron.  And then a baseball boy for a boy baseballer, and a key chain for someone who knows someone who's name sounds like "keychain." 

We've got a sketch of two cards I enjoy, Mortivore (done totally from memory, to horrific results!) and this dude from Duel Masters.   And there's a snowman for a fellow fan of winter (we just had our first snowy day, though it was more like hale and it didn't last too long)

Here's where it gets wacky--the badominton sketch is for a badmintonista who they say is a strong candidate for the OLYMPICS!  WHA??  Yeah!  I even saw her on the cover of Badminton Magazine!!  I don't know what's cooler, that Badminton Magazine gave her the cover, or that Badminton Magazine exists.   

To bring it home we've got a big gulp for someone who says he wants to visit the US to partake in its giant foodery (wonder if he's ever heard of a Big Gulp?) and a bird mountain for the coolest of the bird mountains this side of Akira.


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