Wednesday, March 5, 2014


The concept of tiny vs giant, uncertain threats, stuff like that is intriguing.

He's there to kill her, but then realizes a weapon alone doesn't make a threat when you're/it's that small. He is trying to be a good assassin, but is just not suited for it. They become allies, and instead of trying to kill her, he starts just trying to annoy her at worse, but mainly just endeavors to help her however he can since she's his Mooncap now (a faerie assassin guild command rank). She doesn't care about the little pesterings because she likes his company and learning about the faerie world that rejected such a well-meaning fellow. But when it comes to past debts and obligations, distraction alone doesn't make an alibi when you're/it's that small...

Or whatever.




Lana Slaybell said...

more artworks please

Reuxben said...

Thanks! Trying to update about a week of pieces a day from the backlog until we can catch up to present day.

Ok, hope all is well, and if not, that it soon gets well. If you need someone to talk to, you can always email. Good luck with everything,