Monday, April 4, 2016


I often doodle up on scraps of paper, and I noticed these happened to combo pretty well into a little story moment, like the Everbored Princess, Pearl of the Great One Blue, giving instructions to her little assassin Agents, Uno and Yahtzee. Her starfish Ace and Jacker are her bodyguards who can transform into giant, hulking bipedal versions at will, only their starfish bodies remain as mask-like coverings for their new bodies.

She only ever seeks Entertainment to cure her constant boredom and will scour even the Drylands in search for the latest Pagliacci--the embodiment of the greatest Entertainment on Myrral--housed in a living vessel that emerges only once every 100 years.

Her Entertainment standards are impossibly high, though, since she is obsessed with discovering the Pagliacci and will assume anyone presenting Entertainment to her is potentially the very vessel she seeks, and she suffers no rookies.

Appropriately (in her mind) she will send her Agents after anyone who she feels dares waste her Audience--however she will give them 72 hours to run so she can get at least one last stab at Entertainment from failures. Thus she has accrued many enemies from the other nations who also seek the find and claim the Pagliacci for themselves.



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