Friday, December 16, 2016


I'm scrambling to get out of the same pitfalls I keep lunging back into time and time again with these stupid bust shots, but at the same time I want to make something presentable, yet it feels like the only execution I can do without imploding a piece is this one. The constant problem is that everything else feels like an uphill battle...that's not good. I should be beyond that at this point.

In a fit of frustration trying to make something original, I just decided to color these old lines since everything else was going nowhere, but even then, this color scheme ended up feeling oddly familiar.

I'm trying to work on my speed, so I figured I should be able to turn these colors around reasonably quickly, but even this took longer than I was hoping for. I started painting this, but it was taking forever and still looking like garbage, so I went for cel shades, again, more pitfall regression.

On the plus side, I did try implementing feedback I got from Tokyo Comic-Con here, namely being more strict on how I deal with blurring the background. One piece of advice I thought was funny was that reviewer suggested chromatic aberration, which I'd always thought was cheesy if done any more blatantly than I already do it! Anyway, I also continue my quest to draw a compelling redheaded character.

This is the version I prepped for Twitter. I worry the pressure I feel to make something daily for Twitter and Instagram is detrimental to my overall it better to post something maybe even only once a week than daily? Is the daily production cycle more beneficial for pushing me to make something presentable every day? Is it acceptable to post WIP stuff without already having the final to present, too? I don't know.

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