Friday, April 21, 2017


A drawing for Mother's Day.

I've always wanted to make a fake film still, and this is my closest swipe at it, but here's the plain version, too.

The idea for this came from random sketching, when I suddenly thought of a motherly pokemon and her pup/cub/dingobaby.

Additionally, I love how those realistic snapshots of everyday pokemon life, for instance, like during the ending TV credits or during the movie openings: you see pokemon just existing in the real world, as opposed to "normal" scenarios like being in a battle.

So, what if you saw a pik in the wild, not in a battle context, but like a wild pikamom trying to keep its kid from running off into the middle of the street?

It would be gruff, as moms tend to be when they've had enough of their kids' nonsense, so the neck-scruff grab seemed like a great pose.

I wanted to make it feel like this is just an everyday encounter, like how you sometimes see stray cats just wandering around.

However, I was thinking more along the lines of a raccoon while drawing this. I also went overboard with drawing the dirt under the grass...

Bonus early, simple Twitter/Instagram version.

Not normal,


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