Monday, April 3, 2017


A little Nyao sketch because we're short on time (5/9/17).

I'm trying to post daily on Instagram and Twitter again, but I've only been starting on those posts after dinner, so only about 3 hours per post at most.

However, I do spend some more time polishing them for Removal and Removal Too, my archive sites.

The majority of the day is spent on training and my main project.

But for this post, I couldn't think of what to draw; having learned that Comey just got fired, it's hard to think straight.

After frantic doodling, with an hour to spare, I finally came up with a Nyao sketch, and inked it with KNKL's neat, gruff "Reptar" brush.

I also tried getting a little more experimental with my layers, too, using pushed saturation, darkness, etc. layers but aggressively masking away to yield additional tones, meanwhile still relying heavily on the Reptar brush.

Not normal,


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