Monday, August 21, 2017


On the heels of "Under-Cooked Week," here's simply a minimalist drawing of Z smoking a cigarette well past its...what do you even call that? Expiration?

The idea was to have a maxed-out, ashed-out cigarette, pushed beyond any usefulness, yet nevertheless smoked and stubbornly lingered onto, and have the piece cropped so as to look like he's butting his head against a wall in defeat.

I was feeling quite down when I was drawing this. You know, at Yale, they always wrote "Feeling Blue?" on those posters advertising psychology studies, which I always thought was a delightfully pleasant way to describe being depressed out of your skull.

Anyway, I draw a difference between being under-cooked and being minimal. I color in cel shades when I want to speed up, and this was a pretty straightforward concept I wanted to illustrate, so it felt ok not to go all-out. It's better pulling back here.

I was drawing after a neat jacket I saw online, but ended up scrapping the complicated design for this more plain version. Am I a serious artist now? I opted not to do the more complex thing. Reward me.

Not normal,


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