Wednesday, June 6, 2018


I wanted to draw something to commemorate the primarie elections yesterday, so the theme I chose was a "Californian blue wave."

This isn't strictly a "political" piece per se, but that was the source of it anyway.

I love the combination of green and yellow, stemming from my roots as an Oakland A's fan. The deep green and chipper yellow always have such a pleasing contrast--they challenge, yet support each other.

Anyway, I wanted to draw a girl flexing for this, and the negative space made me see a wave shape in the background, so that's where this piece kinda inspired itself.

I will say, I was intending to color the skin darker, but she came out pretty light-skinned. I wanted to avoid getting lost in the weeds painting everything, so I just stuck to my Steve Ahn's Ultimate Brush for the most part, preventing me from fine-tuning for the most part.

Anyway, I like how optimistic this piece came out, and our candidate made it through to the real-deal election in November, so everything's appearing to come up Milhouse. I haven't checked on the fine details of the election yet--holding off for a little powwow, but from what I've gathered, it's looking pretty good...

I was also pleased to have a good reason to paint ocean again...though I gotta lay off all the blues...way too many blue-oriented pieces.

Not normal,