Monday, November 5, 2018


Chik it out, only ONE (1) day until we #PokemonGoToThePolls on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, so at long last, here's our very final poke, Johto Dex #001, Chikorita!

Dude, it's all been leading up to this, it's ours to take, we have it at our fingertips, we just need to turn out and get this thing done. If you or anyone you know can vote, please do so, we need everybody, no bench-sitters. We need to win overwhelmingly to send the message that we do not tolerate the viciousness, the blatant corruption, the daylight-clear self-interest these cartoon villains presently in power are perpetuating. It's one thing to complain online, but this is now game time, this is what we train for, this is the real deal.

So even if you vote in a blue (Democrat) district, we need to run up the score against these corrupt clowns in red, and if you live in a red (Republican) district, you absolutely need to turn out because many, many, many districts are going to come down to the wire and every single vote counts, with no hyperbole. Republicans were in charge of drawing districts in many places the last time they were redrawn (every 10 years after the Census) and have made sure to rig districts via gerrymandering--which is a technique of drawing severely lopsided districts--to favor and perpetuate themselves and restrain opposition. So in order to win what would be a normally winnable district, all else equal, to surmount the stacked advantage of a gerrymandered district, we necessarily need a ton of turnout.

The key to massive turnout is voters who don't normally vote, such as those who aren't as engaged or keeping up with things as closely as others, and of course first-time voters, which is usually younger citizens age 18 and up. Of special note, fellow minorities in particular need to come out--if we voted anywhere near our actual population, we would have this in the bag every single election. But we minorities tend not to vote as reliably as white voters, so it's imperative we get our people out to the polls. We can absolutely win this, but we need to turn out. It's in our hands.

Now, not only are your districts counting on you to put sensible people in charge who will actually endeavor to improve your lives by securing healthcare and environmental protections (clean air, water, etc.) and limiting the reach of violence (sensible gun control, more economic opportunities for people on the brink of desperation from underemployment or undereducation), but your country needs you to slam the brakes on this destructive administration on a national level. If Democrats win the majority by flipping as many districts blue (Democrat) as possible, they become in charge of committees, oversight, and investigations, by which they can actually hold these plainly corrupt monsters accountable by forcing them to disclose their backdoor dealings, with no protection from Republican obstructing the discovery of their myriad conflicts of interest. That's just the House of Representatives. If we can flip the Senate, then we can absolutely put an end to perhaps the most dangerous and longest-lasting parts of the administration, particularly by stopping the approval of all these radically conservative, partisan (Republican) federal judges, so that only more fair-minded, non-radical judges will attain these positions and will make decisions based on their reading of the law rather than basing judgments on party influence. These federal Judges are important because they serve lifetime appointments, meaning that once they get in, they're basically there until they retire or die. Republicans have been abusing their majority by ramming through as many of their radical, unqualified Republican judges as possible, and now they are perched on the bench for life. A majority in the Senate can stop that cascade of compromised judges as well as harmful legislation, like all these attempts to repeal or curtail healthcare.

And further on an even greater level, the very planet is relying on us to flip as many districts blue as possible. If we can achieve majorities in one or both Chambers of Congress (the House of Representatives or the Senate), we can ensure these senselessly destructive environmental policies aren't furthered, are are reined in as much as possible, and on top of that we may even be able to pass protections again. Ordinarily I don't care about the environment, but we're nearing the point of no return on the climate, meaning once we hit a certain level of damage done to the ice caps from increasing temperatures melting the massive glaciers up/down there, the damage will be irreparable, and we'll be stuck with a hotter planet and thus increased sea levels, complete with these violent storms we've seen in recent years becoming the norm, meanwhile more portions of countries will sink under sea level. Think of it like a someone chopping away at your arm, you can heal from a cut, but once that cut gets too deep, eventually your arm gets near lopped off, and once you're at that point, your arm is basically not healing back to normal, especially if it gets lopped off. Allowing us to get to this point of no return endangers us as well as our fellow humans around the world, so they are also counting on us to do the right thing and vote for the party that understands climate change as the existential crisis it is, and that's not even talking about the financial damage we're doing across the world by digging ourselves into a pit we're going to suffer for in due time--another global recession is at stake if we keep enacting these protectionist, self-injurious, short-sighted policies, which only serves to strengthen other countries' positions on the global stage (namely China) while we weaken into a secondary position.

So please, please do what you can to help change the course of history, it begins on Tuesday. The name of the game is slamming the brakes on a car careening towards a cliff. Once we have safe majorities, in future elections, notably 2020's Presidential Election, we can then start moving the car back on the road. But just focus on slamming the brakes on Tuesday. So again, please be sure to register if you haven't already (especially since many states' registration deadlines are coming up if they haven't passed already!) and elect to be a voter on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, aka TOMORROW.

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