Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Release the hounds, it's Sick Little Suicide #41, "Dunk On Hunter," in which we sniff out the win like a blood hound!

I drew a little spoof of Duck Hunt in support of Ammar Campa-Najjar for congress. As you may know, in California's 50th District, Ammar is challenging the national disgrace Duncan Hunter--previously merely a national disgrace for vaping in Congress--who's been criminally indicted to the tune of 60 counts, regarding his theft of over $250,000 of campaign funds for personal expenses.

But Hunter's not only a thief, this poor-man's Jason Sudeikis also used the funds to have multiple affairs. But this rich man's advocate is not only a philanderer, this cartoonishly unfit politician's also a flag-waving fraud. Hunter, an Iraq/Afghanistan veteran, used campaign funds on personal vacations and luxury purchases and used the military as a front to write these expenses off as campaign expenditures.

Most notably, he wanted to go on vacation to Italy, so tried to arrange a visit to a naval base there. They couldn't accommodate his schedule, but offered an alternative date for the visit, which did not satisfy Hunter's plans, so he told his chief of staff to tell the Navy "to go [F] themselves" for not complying with his whims. He's even invoked the Wounded Warriors as a cover for purchasing of shorts, claiming he was actually buying golf balls for the Wounded Warrior Project. The list literally goes on and on, and his complicit wife, whom he blames all his financial crimes on, was also indicted. I bet they look totes adorbs in matching orange jumpsuits.

As I understand it, this dishonorably drunken Hunter banks his career on living in a longstanding red district and floats along on his father, Duncan Hunter, Sr.'s name. His father passed his seat onto the younger Hunter after serving for 30 years, and so collectively, the Hunters have ruled CA-50 for 40 years--with an illegally purchased iron fist, no doubt.

Enter one Ammar Campa-Najjar: a young Obama-alum-turned-businessman, and now first-time congressional hopeful, who's worked his way up himself, refuses corporate donations, and pledges to be a check on the rampant, blatant corruption and self-dealing consuming the present administration. Being Mexican-Palestinian-American, he's been the recipient of some of the most racist attack ads in recent history, so he's got to overcome not only the raw inertia of a deep-red district, but also these lie-laden, putrid attacks on his character. It's absurd how much Ammar has to placate these ridiculous "concerns," but for what it's worth, he's taken the time to dispel all concerns any reasonable voter could have. If you buy into the racist ads, you're being willfully ignorant at this point.

Meanwhile his opponent is always in his military get-up in his crassest ads, pretending he's Mr. Military, yet we have him quoted in his indictment badmouthing the military, using injured vets as cover against their knowledge or wishes, and generally preying on his district's love for the armed forces, owing to its sizable population of military families. That's viciously manipulative and abusive, and is especially dishonorable coming from a vet himself, and that's not even getting into the derangement of relying on racist fear-mongering this guy has to do since he can't run on his record, which includes voting for the tax cut that happened to adversely affect his own district since that general tax cut was designed to punish anti-Orange states. And he can't run on his policies because he plans to attack healthcare, is raring to pass more millionaires more tax cuts at workers' expense, and is generally in lockstep with that orange fraud, to the point of being the second person to endorse him when that burnt-leather basketball was a total sideshow barking at Katy Tur beside an above-ground kiddy pool at a barbeque in the boonies.

So long story short, we need game over for Duncan Hunter, and all we gotta do is press start with Ammar.

Fun Facts: I had the idea for a Duck Hunt spoof a while ago, but haven't had a chance to finish it before today, on Election Day of all days, so here we go! This is what we trained for, this is why we play the game, we need to get out there and vote.

Easter Eggs: The rather than having little bird icons, I used rabbits since this hound dog infamously used $600 of campaign funds on airfare to fly his pet rabbit around. Instead of bullets, as in the original Duck Hunt, we have ballots, checked blue, of course. The district, CA-50, replaces the "SHOT" text from the original game's display. Just above that, the round number is replaced with "D = 1," meaning Democrats are number one, meaning we need to get as many of these guys in and as many Republicans out as possible in this election. The score is zero because that's the benefit Hunter's accrued for his district over the past 10 years, and naturally his hit meter's empty cuz all he ever does is miss.

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