Wednesday, July 3, 2019


Just trying to ignite something.

To be real, I have felt a huge low in confidence, and this was a nice little pick-me-up piece, helping me feel like I still know how to do this.

Have you ever been reading, and then half way through a sentence you start to think of the sheer mechanics of reading (eyes receiving symbols, brain interpreting them, mind understanding them), and then start to trip yourself up such that you momentarily forget how to read? Or same thing when you're walking and then you kinda forget how to walk mid-stride? That's how I've felt with drawing lately. It's a little frightening.

So this piece felt good because it was a small, contained illustration that flowed relatively easily, and was just a little refresher on my regular process, that I still know how to do this. A big help on this approach was just taking this on as just a minimalist sketch, as seen in the third image of this post, and then polishing it off with more refined paints later, as seen in the top image of this post.

Not normal,