Friday, September 21, 2007


It's Herald: Week III. I haven't yet seen the printed Herald this week, but I have a strong hunch the printing is going to be terrible (UPDATE: it is). I'm hoping for the best (UPDATE: don't be stupid).

Well, I wanted to do a non fanatical comic about My Chemical Romance, but after getting transfixed on Motion City Soundtrack thanks to an old Northern California chum's enthusiasm, plus an actual conversation involving panel 3, I went with this idea.

Easter eggs: Conan O'Brien's hair, Arctic Monkeys' old logo's M, MCS's "The Future Freaks Me Out," and MCR's "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)."

"Fun" Facts: Some expressions from Johanne "Rufftoon" Matte's "Sokka Sheet." I watched/listened to "Zaboomafoo," "Wishbone," and "The Simpsons" while inking this in the Swing Space TV room. This is our first color comic and although I don't like coloring, it was actually pretty fun, so thanks to Loide's markers.

UPDATE: Here's the printed version of the comic--it's not as easy to see here, but trust me, the thing is blurry as heck and pixelated.

Note the Herald Editor-in-Chief told me, "Yeah, it'll probably be just fine, ok *dashes off*," after I showed her a noticeably pixelated proof in the office.

Being Comics Editor isn't as pleasant as I thought it would be.

"If this is the coronation, I ain't feelin' the love." --Gerard Way



Ciera said...

Gerard Way is amazing.

Reuxben said...

This is true.