Friday, September 14, 2007


This is my very second Herald piece of the year. I tried coloring it with photoshop (since we're being pressured into moving into color now), but my ineptitude combined with my hatred of Macs ended disasterously.

A couple of things on this comic: I think I might have been influenced to do this because in my Lit class (Intro to Narrative), we were reading the Arabian Nights. I found it really interesting, and I wish I could try drawing out some of the stories some day. It really gets the imagination going.

Easter eggs: the Genie's flashy pose was inspired by a Hulk picture I saw at Cheeks'. Also, the genie's surprised expression was inspired by an expression sheet Rufftoon (Johane Matte) made of Sokka from Avatar, my current desktop wallpaper. A final fun fact: I wanted to try something different with frames, so that's why it's so weird. I hope it was readable.

As usual, I really wish I had more time on this because I feel it looks pretty empty--I would have given the genie some black hair with matching facial fuzz. And as usual, I would have given the hero some form of black hair, too.

I think this'll be the last of the 2011/freshman-oriented comics for a while. I still have a desire to do my freshman-centric comic strip series, but ever since I got the boot from my old suite, I really have hit a motivational impasse. Morale's everything, and I haven't got it right now.

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