Friday, September 7, 2007


And thus begins my Yale publication year! As would be expected, first up is a Herald piece. This comic is meant to kind of explore a prefrosh's mindset before coming to Yale: what seems to be the consensus is that many of us think we're pretty good, that we'll put up a good fight once we get here, but once you land on Old Campus and realize just how big the world is and just how insanely brilliant everyone around you is, you start to feel just a bit scared and insignificant.

As usual, we have an easter egg. First is "ODA 1" on the guy's shirt, referencing Eiichiro Oda, creator of One (1) Piece. I wanted to homage him with his playful use of sound effects in backgrounds, so I have DA---DA DOOM! wrapping our hero posing like a tough guy (I always think of the main character as the "Hero" in my mind).

The last panel (well, all the panels) would have been more complex, with a background of Old Campus and a more elaborate banner, had I had enough time, but apparently everyone was scrambling to finish this week's issue on time--the big cheeses were up till 7am!

The second, not-so-covert easter egg is actually a dedication to my old physics teacher who passed away this past summer. She was a great, kind person, and I wanted to at least have her name out there for people to read. I'm taking physics this semester to honor her memory.


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