Friday, September 5, 2008


Welcome to Yale Herald Comics Series 3: Quarters Crisis.

While studying in Japan this past summer, I couldn't understand some TV show so I created my own plot after that first, curious episode. That story sprawled into Quarters Crisis.

Easter Eggs: Lang '51-'07 is my re-dedication to Mrs. Lang, my late AP physics teacher, one of the greatest human beings I've ever met.

Fun Facts: Okyto High is an anagram of Tokyo [University], where this story was born (and originally set). I pronounce "Dracht" Drawkt.

That rat, jack kelly, returns too, it seems, with "reroll." Does he really think that new signature is hip? Geez.

Well, thanks for visiting, and try the new poll feature I've added atop the sidebar; you can now rate the current week's comic. Pretty neat.



Christi M said...

Found you on dA and your work is pretty awesome

(this is the-pirateninja)

Anonymous said...

found you on TCBN- awesome stuff man!