Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This is a quick drawing of Frankie Paupunk from Quarters Crisis.

I drew it during the Ex!t Players' recruitment show. They had not one, but TWO, recent grads perform. Meanwhile, the Purple Crayon's master, Benji, attended his own group's show, but didn't himself perform...What. A. Rip. As I walked to the Crayon's premiere, I kept thinking, Man, it sucks Benji's not around anymore. And then BAM! I see him at the door and think WOW! One last show! How cool! But no. No show. Dang.

At least my fears that this year's Crayon would, well...suck...have been assuaged. I'm glad my favorite improv group still owns the poop out of Ex!t, or anyone else (I saw the ending of Just Add Water, and it was sad).

Oh, this is also an experiment to see if I can post from a cluster, so hopefully there's an image here.


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