Wednesday, November 26, 2008


While I was selling shirts, Rumpus set up shop across the hall to sell theirs. So a Rumpus-er came over, checked out our designs, then asked me for a sketch. She was wearing a really cool hat so I drew her throughout her shift. She checked in a little later but we agreed to let it be a surprise.

I started this new angle before she left. There's also a little bulldog which didn't come out so well. Anyway, she forgot to pick up the sketches afterward, so this sketchpage is currently homeless.

If you're out there somewhere, Rumpus Girl, these are your sketches.

In related news, my last post actually made a dent.

Probably just due to the two buzz words, "Harvard," and "Girl."

The above is from the college.alltop display page.

And to the left and below are from TCBN, which was pretty neat.

The site feels pretty inactive, but then it just springs to life sometimes.

I don't think I'll ever stack that high again, so it was cool when it happened.


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