Monday, November 24, 2008


Harvard (plus Yale's coach) embarrassed us at The Game, but I did get some nice drawings out of it.

I felt too insecure amongst jovial JEers at our sister house, Eliot House, so I retreated upstairs, sitting in the stairwell generally feeling lonely. My defense mechanism is drawing, so I just started drawing until the party ended. "Harvard Girl" is obviously a Yalie.

Many passing Cantabs dropped compliments, regularly pausing their trips downstairs. One guy even just stood there watching, then--gasp!--talked to me! Ironically, I felt more welcomed from that Harvard guy than by the JEers. I kinda wanted to give him this URL, but figured it bad form. He did ask if I drew for Yale, so maybe it was fair.

One Harvard girl passing by complimented the work then asked me if I went to Yale (I was wearing my Yale sweater and scarf...). Then as she headed on down, she yelled back, "Sorry you go to Yale." I felt sad because a part of me agreed.

A Yalie stopped by since she was waiting for someone from a nearby room, but I was just her time killer, so I didn't know how to respond.

It was freezing in the Eliot Junior Common Room, so I slept in every single thread I had. The next morning, waiting for a herd to follow to the stadium, I began drawing. Some JE girl checked these drawings and some of my sketchpad out, but it felt like I was her toy, so it was a bittersweet art show. I did see someone wearing my bulldog shirt in the JCR, though, which was nice. Too bad coats covered shirts at the icy tailgate.

So most humans have left Yale for break by now, but that's ok, I guess.


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