Friday, November 7, 2008


Last change: The Acolyte's interruption prompts Frankie and Ben to split up.
Now change 10!

I tried to experiment with a couple of techniques.

Easter Eggs: Change 10 in panel 4, and secret message in panel 2.

Fun Facts: Having lines from different objects match up confusingly in comics is called "parallax." Estonian currency is called "krooni," so "Koonik" is pronounced KOO-neek.

Not to be outdone, jack kelly offers some stylistic experimentation himself in "peepoo."

Yeah. He should be fired.

So I think jack kelly's my date to The Game again. In a related story, I got a haircut today (from someone new, too) and the first and only adjective I can think of to describe my hairdo is this: "gay."


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