Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This is Maddie the Hag, my version of the Wicked Witch of the West from my Wizard of Oz redesign project in my Literature for Young People class. She operates as a symbol for waste and general irresponsibility, which was actually kinda fun to think about since I'm usually quite self-conscious about being wasteful and all that.

Easter Eggs: Regina Spektor's hat and hair.

I feel like it's midterms--there's so much to do and it's all sorta due at the same time. I have to figure out what the highest priority is, but it's a really tough call since there's no clear cut distinctions. So I'm sorta paralyzed with what to do and when. Plus my little studio here is awful. I literally found cat pee on some of my stuff the other day because that's how our new cat rolls. Funnily enough he peed on my diploma case thingy.


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