Wednesday, June 2, 2010


After three years of trying, I finally got into "Literature for Young People" last semester. For my final project, I re-imagined the Wizard of Oz as a Shonen-y title, the Mage of Z. This is my revision of the Winged Monkey. I see them as a clan of cursed Imps, who with fierce, blind loyalty obey the orders of whoever controls the Golden Cap that enslaves them. This is Onceproud the Felled Tyrant, Fallen King of the Imps. Other designs are here and here.

Easter Eggs: Andre, son, crown.

Fun Facts: Dog feet for loyalty, locks for slavery.

If you ever want to read the actual Wizard of Oz, don't. It's such an incredible let down from everything you imagine it to be, not only because of the implacable hype your imagination builds, but also from the text itself--Baum literally has all the cool stuff dangling right in front of you and then right as you're about to get to it he just moves on. I am not exaggerating--like, there's a scene of an impending battle with a deadly, giant spider, and it's dealt with in literally like one sentence. Another sequence that gets passed over is a series of attacks by waves of forty animals that are dealt with in just a few sentences. Those are just some of the battle-related glossing-overs.

There are many cool things promised in the book that just get completely passed over, like the guy had somewhere to be that night he was writing so he just stopped writing. So out of that frustration reading a so-shoulda-been-cool book, I put together this project, and hope to share some of my designs.

Go-go gadget Animorphs #4,


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