Friday, July 2, 2010


This is my first real try at cel shading style coloring, starring my second-favorite Harvard rat, Alexis Blight, who seems to have set stuff ablaze in her Crimson-fury.

Fun Facts: Alexis Blight enjoys shopping at J. Crew and repping for Harvard, especially at Yale, and especially in front of Zero Zetsubo (the embodiment of Yale's collective imaginations, hopes, and fears, donchaknow!). Alexis Blight is one of those names you always have to say out in full. Like Cher.

Baa: As a weird hobby, I collect depressing memories, and one of my crown jewels comes from perhaps the most depressing place I've ever been: Harvard University. No joke. Made me just want to etc. etc. etc.

Gotta try cel shades again.


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