Friday, July 9, 2010


These were some old posterboards I did for Yale Comics Club's booth at the Freshman Activities Bazaar. I wanted ours to stand out from the mob of posterboards, and I'm happy to say we succeeded: people would swing by and at the very least just glare at our poster from afar before carrying on dismissively. Oh how they would uncomfortably giggle when they realized that I realized that they had no intention of actually coming to our table (I would shake my head disapprovingly once we made eye contact).

Anyway, the above was my first effort at an unconventional poster. This mighta been how I met first total-stranger fan, actually: someone at the bazaar recognized my [first] OriChar, Kelly Ryan from Darling Find, on the poster so she came up to me to tell me she like my comics! Aww!

This was our most recent poster. This time starring Zero Like Me's dynamic duo with a featured spot going to the putrid mr. jack kelly, and guest spots for some other characters and random blown up panels and sketches. The blank bottom parts were to be covered by flyers and stuff like last year's. Drawing at that scale and with sharpies is pretty forgiving, so it's not as intimidating as you might think; it's actually pretty fun. It's just tricky and achey drawing that big on weirdly-shaped cardboard, but imagine if we had a team working on this rather than a soloist.

Anyway, another successful poster. I hope they continue experimenting in the ensuing years...


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