Monday, August 30, 2010


Bathe with your TV, it's Sick Little Suicide #20, "LGFUAD" in which I talk about what's been on my mind lately and hope it isn't taken too seriously. It's like something you can't wait for, yet could just as easily do without!

Easter Eggs: Headlines and mini bios for Lil' Conan and Zero. Not so much ego-maniacal as it is just goofing around with Manny, Mo, and Jack from the "first" Sick Little Suicide [/inside joke]. Costumes inspired by the wonderful Sartorialist.

Fun Facts: We're officially back from hiatus and to commemorate this mo-mental occasion, I've done my first real digital inking effort. Pretty relaxing even though I hate inking...

Baa: This comic goes out to Puerto Rico, Georgia, and Connecticut.

All right, here we go!


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