Monday, January 18, 2010


Trust your friends with your life, it's Sick Little Suicide #17, "I Can't Believe It's Not Better (Believe It!)" in which we talk about a story that actually matters to me.

It's like they know me!

Easter Eggs: The ties indicate how much I care about the host. The speech bubbles' interactions indicate how the hosts're related to each other. Jay Leno is not seriously bummed at all, hence "believe."

Fun Facts: I'm not very good at likenesses! Also, I got a little physically ill having to draw Carson Daly, but I have to admit, his new format is not as cringe-worthy as his old talk show format (but enough with the grainy film projector thing--we get it, you're a hip, young, and rebellious indie guy...or something).

Baa: As much as I like Conan, Craig Ferguson has definitely become the highlight of the late night scene for me. I don't dislike Jay, he's always been a comfortable opener to my late night routine, but he's lost a ridiculous amount of credibility in my eyes. Jimmy Fallon's coming along well, but he's still got miles to go before he sleeps and I just watch for the Roots and Higgins. Carson's no longer an utter embarrassment, but not worth watching if you can find the remote.

NBC never should have promised Conan Tonight until Jay was really ready to leave, so I can only really blame NBC for all the trouble, but having committed to the decision, Jay Leno now does share in the responsibility. The original version of this comic was to compare how Jay Leno previously skewered executives for not sucking it up and doing the right thing (rejecting their unearned bonus money) and how he's being a hypocrite now that he's essentially getting an unearned bonus in regaining Tonight. If he wanted to be honorable, he would stick to his word after having made the pledge and reject Tonight, solving all this controversy, although he was not the source of it at all, only an accessory. I wish Jay Leno would have put his foot down 5 years ago, so that at least all this would have went down before the transfer.

In any case, I feel sorta in a similar boat as Conan in that I recently started a new gig (YDNing 3 times a week), but feel cheated by my "network" because they aren't putting comics online competently (if ever) as they have continually promised to my face they would since 2008. It's like NBC giving Conan the Tonight Show but at 12:05am: it's not what he signed on for, it's sneaky and dishonest to the spirit of the agreement between the talent and the management, even though it's technically within the management's power.

Again, YDN Editor-in-Chief calls the shots at 202 York. I wonder if half of the people in 202 are doing now what they want to do for the rest of their lives? Wouldn't it be funny if they're all working at the YDN just for kicks, to kill time between classes? Hilarious. Believe it.


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