Friday, January 29, 2010


Garry McGruder owns African-American Lotuses!

Zero Like Me #69:
Ransom Dan Pt.1: Multiplayer
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in Panel 2; some Magic cards (prize if you can name them all, you freaking nerd) in Panel 3.

Fun Facts: Today's setting is based on Fair Haven Elementary, plus an aerial shot of 'Nam. As I was drawing this, I noticed it had started snowing outside, so I went back and drew snow onto the buildings, and then when I finished inks, it had stopped snowing and all the rooftop white disappeared, so I was doomed to inaccuracy from the start!

This has got to be the WORST, most embarrassing error I've ever let slip into a comic--okay besides this--in panel 2, I forgot to flatten the image before correcting image rotation, so my legibility-correction ended up just making it worse...doomed efforts again.

Baa: As I was writing this very post in Commons after breakfast, a herd of footballistas were huddled over my comic on the table across from me. I mozied over to find them arguing over which cards were Easter Egged in the comic! One guy tried to convince me we were looking at Brainstorm or something! I was like, "Actually it's [blah], trust me, I drew it." Oh how we laughed! And here I thought the footballas and I had a blood feud. Anyway, they seemed like nice chaps (I've only ever met one less-than-cool football player, come to think of it).

The Brainstorm guy laughed nervously, "Man, we're all such nerds," and we parted ways. Let the record show that it never occurred to me before coming to Yale that Magic could be considered nerdy. D&D on the other hand...ew.

I know they're going to beat Harvard next year. Watch.


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