Wednesday, January 20, 2010


That can't be healthy...

Zero Like Me #65:
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 1. "Borges," stupid flipping "Borges" in panel 3...Borges. "Bore" is even in his name!
Fun Facts: Today's setting is--wait for it--Labyrinth Books. No matter how well I think I scout my locations, I always leave something out, in this case, good shots of the shops behind Laby, like the wonderful Yorkside Pizza, which I only now realize has a crystal clear picture of itself on its website...

Baa: Speaking of the Yorkside area, I went to Cutlers to pick up the new Motion City Soundtrack album, "My Dinosaur Life," and was greeted by the most ridiculously friendly cat I've ever met! Such a cute little pudgy guy! An excellent mascot and ambassador for a shop, like a dog's spirit with a cat's body.

Oh, and shout out to my old editor, who killed this comic a year ago...!

Ok, Wednesday's thrilling conclusion on Friday.


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