Friday, January 15, 2010


Stop making excuses, you has-been.
And Borges, you need to back the crack off of every literature syllabus.

Zero Like Me #63:
Larry Brantley
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 2. Larry Brantley spoke dog.

Fun Facts: I still don't know street names yet, but today's setting is the one with the second Hull's, the DocuPrint, and the original Willoughby's. Zero likes to go on top of rooftop ledges and test his balance. He tells Nyao he's trying to fly, when really he's trying to fall when she's not looking--Oh, wait! It's Church Street, right? Because there's only a church right in the comic! Yeah...Pretty sure it's Church Street.

Baa, which is to say, People of Earth: To recap, I stepped away for the most part from the Herald as an artist so that I can focus on YDN comics this semester, with the understanding that we were finally going to get YDN online support, but that support has arrived like how an evil genie grants a wish: finding the sneakiest way to technically fulfill the request without following the spirit of the wish. If they do put comics online, they get ninja'd into existence in the "recent multimedia section," which I can't even link to, but is located for a limited time in the bottom right of any photo you click, otherwise you have to hunt for my typo/error-ridden YDN online profile, which they also promised to clean up, but haven't. As far as I know, they are not even discussing their promises to get the online comics section up, to be in step with pretty much every other Ivy (and common sense expectations for a college paper's website). What is particularly jarring is how I have heard multiple YDN editors tell me how the YDN tries to downplay the existence of "Scene," seeing it as a semi-separate entity from the "real" YDN, but even this phantom section gets an entire chunk of the website, even getting top billing over the more official Cross Campus sub-site. Comics aside--how is that arrangement even possible? What deathgrip does Scene have over the YDN that the paper's "proper" editors have to submit to these editor-proclaimed outsiders?

So as much as I hate speaking seriously in the second-person, if you feel inclined, I encourage you to please email the YDN EIC:
telling him to honor his and his predecessor's long-unfulfilled promise to put comics online in a reasonable fashion, meaning that they put comics on the front page just like any other part of the paper, traditionally placed under the blue "week" box, just like how the previous (08-09, 09-10) boards used to before the 2010 board developed amnesia about how they used to do their own jobs. There is a double standard at the YDN/everywhere between prose and comics and of course comics get treated like dirt. It is frustrating, it is tiring, and it is insulting. Say an artist wants to draw for a living--he would benefit those career aims in having a share of the audience the YDN site has, obviously. But why are even the most mundane or niche prose pieces, written on a whim or for personal amusement, or general recreation, getting put online properly meanwhile staff comics get the absolute minimal support possible, assuming they get any support at all?

Comics are literally a discriminated minority and the man is keeping us down. I can't play a race card, but I will play the medium card--the YDN is mediumist against comics and the world is just fine with that, which is sick. To be fair, I am a mediumist myself and I gladly spit on any prose columnists I see whenever they make eye contact with me. And no, I do not support heteromedium marriages. Because then what's next--marrying box turtles? I don't think so.

And to assure that this post gets viewed, I will now mention the one thing that always brings all the boys to the yard: Yale Ex!t Players. Ex!t Player. Ex!t. Yale Exit Players. Exit Players. Exit.



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