Monday, January 25, 2010


Just wanna ram your hand straight through your skull, don'tcha?

Zero Like Me #67:
So Bad
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" and napping Nyao in panel 1. Charlie Chaplin clothes. "RC ftw," or "Arsi = ha x2" in panel 3, referencing a Yalie who got ridiculously ripped off, so he will not get to open at the Winter Show, meaning my Easter Egg'd forecast is looking pretty good...yay?

Fun Facts: Garry never actually appeared in the YDN before, but he debuted in the Herald here. As his dad and brother are off at war, he is immensely proud of his military heritage and always wears his dad's old dog tags, based on a real kid I tutored a couple summers ago.

Baa: I am dumbstruck by how strikingly dumb some Yalies' speech comes off due to their insistence on using uselessness like "so good" as if it in any way communicates anything. I wanted to do violent things to my skull when I was stuck in a waiting room listening to a feemyalie prattle on and on about how XYZ was "SO good," literally her estimation of everything positive. I also can't stand the slaughtered use of "awkward," the intentional use of "Um" as if it's actually a word, and (more peripherally) freaking vocal fry. I lose a chunk of my mind at every Herald meeting because of some combination of the above, but it's mainly the blackboard-scratching vocal fries everyone is required by law to do while they address the board.

My gosh, I'm cringing just thinking about how much this comic conjures all these gross vocalizations.


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