Friday, October 2, 2009


Kids these days with their hippity hop and their mind games.

Zero Like Me #36
Zero Romance #4:
Bulldog Tales Pt.3 - How Garry Got Over
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Easter Eggs: Romance 4 in notebook. Garry's wardrobe inspired by Black Thought, Z's by Buster Keaton. New Haven's own Fair Haven Elementary as Winsor McCay Magnet Academy. The Legendary Roots Crew in panel 3.

Fun Facts: This week's comics have been inspired by the Trudeau's Bull Tales, where first "Megaphone" Mark Slackmeyer gets all 60s-Yale and revolts against Yale President King, and also by when Mike "The Man" Doonesbury tutors a local New Haven kid. My kid is named in honor of the Trudeau and the McGruder.

Baa: I have passed the point of denial--I have a cold (I hope it's just a cold)...

Also: I'm mildly amused, actually, by how quite poorly my last suicide went over. I usually think something is wrong with the reader if they don't get one of my comics (the post-Lighter Light ones), but in this case I know it isn't just me: people really misread it. So that's too bad for them. I'll update that post with responses, because some stuff is just ridiculously off.

I'm more interested at how gung-ho anti-censorship Yale and the Why Dee Enn are re: the Mohammad comics people coming to town, the very week the OCD's been getting on me about my material. I feel like I'm out of my mind: is it not crystal clear to anyone but me that only stuff like our guests' material even merits discussing censorship? My stuff is nowhere near that level of pernicious, which makes it even more evident that the restrictions I'm facing on such trivial material as our football team and the race of one of my characters is way overkill. I'm not even making any charges about race. If anything, I'm simply saying that race exists. Really. That's it.



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Well actually you're saying that race exists, and that black kids steal watches.