Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It isn't the 60s anymore, is it Mr. T?

[Update: Uncensored, final art at top]

Zero Like Me #35: Bulldog Tales Pt.2 - Dissent
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 2, my favorite Colbert pose in panel 1, GC.

Fun Facts: Original script was to help establish that Z's Mexican, when he complains about Yale police brutality, when in fact they just give him this piece of paper. Original ending of present script was reference making it onto the YDN website, which I thought was a harmless inside joke, but hilarity did not ensue, desafortunadamente. It's all worked out though, and that's what matters.

Baa: This week's the last one under the current YDN board and it has been one of the most hectic and trying I've ever experienced as a comicser (let the record show that I believe R.S.R. and P.F.M. to be some of the finest Yalies I've encountered). I hope I won't forget this past week or so cuz it looks like I have to take down the censored material and descriptions of the editing processes, although I believe, like Michael Jackson and his trials, I am allowed to express my reactions, just not detail what went down. Anyway, I must now write a paper. In Spanish.

Let's meet Garry on Friday, shall we?

Final artwork coming soon,



Anonymous said...

Fuck Tom Kaplan.

You need to start a revolution, Reuben.

Reuxben said...

I deeply appreciate the support, but please, I would like to keep dialogue as civil as possible, especially from Anonymous commenters since they have the distinct advantage over us to be...well, anonymous.