Friday, September 11, 2009


"Hemmerling for Mitchell" would make a great band name, and that's before you even add in "The" and throw in some numbers!

Zero Like Me #26: Danny Glover
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 1, that dude's costume, #52 is George Knox.

Fun Facts: Today's setting is the Yale Rep. I love Angels in the Outfield, I was and still am a bit like JP (not the whole reticent-to-speak-thing; I mean I was and still am a bit of a little black boy looking up to an older white boy as my surrogate brother. Oh, wait, is the whole reticent-to-speak thing, never mind).

Baa: I saw Ranch Wilder perform the role of Mr. Doolittle in Pygmalion at Culture Draw sophomore year, but I totally forgot to go to last Tuesday's draw...dangit.

Ok, I'm excited to start getting into some continued narrative next week, so even though each comic will be self contained, there is more to glean between comics.

Also, this comic is dedicated to and inspired by Professor R. Stepto, one of Yale's greatest, who I wish I could have studied poetry with (after an incredible semester learning about AfAm literature sophomore year), but I ended up going with another poetry teacher. Hence the Hemmerling/Mitchell connection.

Also-also...Herald debut later today! Trying something newish.


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Julian R said...

Angels in the Outfield was one of my childhood staples, and I was really really ridiculously happy that I immediately knew where that line was from.