Friday, September 4, 2009


Color coordinate your favorite razor blade to match your prettiest bracelets, it's Sick Little Suicide # 9 - "Revoked," in which I almost addressed three news items in one go.

It's like this only weaker, as it handles two less than foxy stories.

Easter Eggs: "Trayless pwnd," "hi mom," and the cast from my "first" real suicide returns.

Fun Facts: This one went through ridiculously frequent changes. It originated Tuesday after learning that the trays were illegal (staff told me). So I drew something featuring trays and comics. The next day the YDN confirmed trays were merely optional, not banned, weakening but not killing the piece, but I added the mustache story. The following day, trays were back by dinner time, but the comics thing was on the front page, so I revised the piece again to eliminate the middle newspaper's tray story. I'm not satisfied with this piece now that I think about it, though; I shoulda changed the punchline to something like, "Yale disgusts me," or something. But this story was the most rapidly changing I've ever dealt with, so maybe the journey was more valuable.

Baa: I still believe that if there is legit likelihood of death, XYZ should be avoided. The key is "legit likelihood." If that didn't exist, then they shouldn'a censored the book.

I like the idea of doing these suicides because I don't really have any real opinions about non-fiction, so I can be the actor-artist I aspire to be, able to thoroughly adopt any opinion. I also have loyalty to almost nobody, so I feel I can attack anything in good conscience cuz I don't owe nobody nothing.

And we're going to test that sentiment quite soon. I'm excited.

UPDATES: Final, published, and penciled drafts are now up.

Secondly, I feel weird replying to comments in the comments I supposed to reply there or in posts? Anyway, in reply to "Anonymous" (I wish people'd at least sign some sort of handle to help differentiate themselves) again, I don't particularly care about the real world, but I would prefer a world without violence. I wish violence only existed in fiction. As I mentioned in my original comment, if there's a history of lethal violence especially as a result of mere art--something which is never worth dying/killing/bankrupting for--I really can't see what the point is in spurring known lethal forces. Note that I have no idea of knowing if there was/is a real threat, as noted in my second comment.

However, I do know that I would never condone art prompting real-world death, especially massive death, let's put it that way. One of the drafts was something like "We should be able to act like reasonable adults" in reference to still using trays but not wasting food and of course in reacting to an editorial piece.


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Anonymous said...

does your rule mean that you'd support shutting down abortion clinics if they were going to be bombed by militant activists? does your rule mean that you wouldn't cut down a tree if the earth liberation army threatened to kill?